The Prague Spring international music festival

In 2016, the 700 th birth anniversary of Charles IV’s is celebrated throughout Europe. And quite naturally, the Prague Spring International Music Festival commemorates Charles IV through the music of his era. In conjunction with Charles University, the festival has scheduled two concerts dedicated to the Charles IV celebrations.


On 18 May, the Tiburtion Ensemble will present Machaut’s Messe de Nostre Dame which was composed in the 1360s and which is closely connected with Machaut’s stay in Reims related to the French royal court, meaning the Luxembourgs. On the next day, the Graindelavoix ensemble from Belgium will perform the Cypriot Vespers – vocal compositions from the Turin Manuscript of the late 14 th and first half of the 15 th centuries which combine the Gothic chorale tradition with the Byzantine singing tradition and the Maronite Church (today the area of Lebanon). Symbolically, this music will be played at the Emmaus Monastery where liturgies were celebrated in Old Slavonic language at the command of Charles IV.