Mobile App

To mark the 700 th anniversary since the birth of Charles IV (an outstanding Bohemian ruler and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) the National Gallery of Prague is holding an exhibition entitled Emperor Charles IV-1316 – 2016 at Waldstein Riding School. This tour app with audio commentaries allows you to discover 29 highlight objects at the exhibition. Children can also follow these highlights using a kids app involving a mystery hunt.



 Tour Guide
Enjoy the exhibition in comfort with our audio tour guide (without having to read accompanying descriptions to each exhibit). The app will take you on a tour to twenty-nine highlight objects at this exhibition. Audio commentaries will help you discover the amazing cultural and artistic artefacts such as the Golden Bull or the crown with which Charles IV was crowned the King of the Romans.


Audio App for Kids
Enjoy a fun game entitled The Mystery of Charles’s Camara. The voices of highlight exhibits will speak to you and help you solve the mystery by offering clues on where to look for the “camara”!